Nora Eberfeld

The star element of the website, around which everything dances, is the staircase menu. On the website of choreographer, dancer and dance educator Nora Elberfeld, it takes up a constant amount of white space and creates a pleasant break. Together with the elegant strong typeface we designed a bright and joyful color palette that adds identity to the individual content and pages of the website.

Medium: Website >
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Nora Eberfeld
Year: 2023
Content management system: WordPress
Typeface: Ortica
Special features: elegant, portfolio, responsive, dancing menu


Ideologically in line with our view of politics, we develop various print products for „filia- Die Frauenstiftung„. These include an ongoing series of feminist riso-cards. filia’s mission is to provide funds and canalize money and transform it into activities organized by women and girls for women and girls. Their goal is: Change, not Charity – social change, not welfare!

Media: fundraise postcards, reports, books
Category: Arts and culture
Client: filia – die frauenstifutung
Year: 2022 – ongoing

Billhorner Platz

In the self-proclaimed Billhorner Platz, an interesting intersection in Rothenburgsort, „Projektbüro“ investigate the place and the effects of the Corona pandemic on the city through various actions and test games. These actions are each announced through posters and flyers and then summarized and reflected in booklets. A a constantly growing website accompanies the project almost in real time.

Media: CI, signage, posters, booklets, magazine
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Projektbüro
Title: Billhorner Platz
Year: 2022 – ongoing
Typeface: Work Sans
Installation photos by Lukas Engelhardt

rykena / juengst

The portfolio website for the performance artist and artistic duo rykena/jüngst, inspired by the appearance of a simple Tumblr blog, is striking in its simplicity and celan aesthetic. Behind the simplicity lays a well coded seamless, smooth navigation between portfolio elements and their contents.

Medium: Website >
Category: Arts and culture
Client: rykena / juengst
Year: 2023
Content management system: kirby
Typeface: Acumin
Web development: menschmaschine
Special features: minimal, portfolio, responsive


„Was Plattenhänder:innen können, können nur Plattenhänder:innen“. We designed a playful corporate design for Hanseplatte, the most popular record store in Hamburg. As a new store signage we have designed a circular text layer that covers both sides of the store front. A static ticker.

Media: CI, riso-business cards, signage, stamps
Category: Music, trade and craft
Client: Hanseplatte
Year: 2022
Typeface: HK Grotesk

Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen

For the Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen and its new artistic direction, we developed redesign. The core concept behind the new appearance is a typographic, welcoming gesture into the theater „KOMM INS THEATER!“. The design is nearly entirely typographic, which highlights the emphasis on language and spoken theater. It is bold, wild, and friendly with a strong cultural connection.

Using a flexible, moving Logo that takes inspiration from the rows of seats in a traditional amphitheater, Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen always takes up the space it needs on the different product formats.

Media: CI, website, posters, flyers, magazine, business cards, signage
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen, Rudolf Frey
Year: 2023
Typeface: Good Sans, Chapter
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Spoken Dance

Spoken Dance is a research project on artistic audio description in contemporary dance. Audio description in dance is the verbal description of movements, bodies, situations and everything that happens on stage.

The website we designed for this purpose is technically and stylistically created for people with visual disabilities or impairments. The focus here is on optimal machine readability. As a special feature the colours of the website can be inverted, which can be an advantage for certain visual impairments.
The font used, Atkinson hyperlegible, was also created for visually impaired people: The letters and numbers can be easily recognised and distinguished from each other. The light pink background colour is a minimal colour accent in the otherwise absolutely user-optimised, typographic website.
(In cooperation with menschmaschine)

Medium: Website >
Category: Arts and culture
Clients: Carolin Jüngst, Ursina Tossi und Lisa Rykena
Year: 2022
Content management system: Kirby
Web development: menschmaschine
Typeface: Atkinson Hyperlegible
Special features: research project, audiodescription, accessible website

Schöck – Zeitsprünge

60 years of company history collected in a retrospective book. The book outlines the story of the company since 1962 and that of its employees, but also facts about inventions or a short outlook into the future. The design of the book is very individual. It is divided into 8 chapters, for each we have developed an own customised design concept. A range of print finishes make the book a pleasant, tactile object.

Medium: Book
Category: Building industry
Client: Schöck Bauteile
Title: Zeitsprünge / Time Leaps
Editor: Schöck Bauteile
Publisher: Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen
Year: 2022
Format: 210x280mm
Pages: 128
Typeface: Corpid Schoeck
Special features: Hardcover with two-colour woven linen binding, embossing, folded banderole and coloured book edge
See also: Schöck – Poesie & Technik; Schöck – Verbinden & Trennen

Schöck – Poesie & Technik

For more than 60 years, the Schöck company has been developing components that are used in architecture in the most diverse ways, technology that stands in the background. The publication „Poesie & Technik“ (Poetry & Technology) now shows contemporary architecture in the context of the components developed by Schöck.
The book design lives from the concept of the title: hand drawings meet technical construction plans and illustrations. The chapters are each introduced by a match of drawing vs. plan, positive vs. negative combined with separator pages in a shorter page format.

Medium: Book
Category: Building industry
Client: Schöck Bauteile
Title: Poesie & Technik / Poetry & Technology
Editor: Schöck Bauteile
Publisher: Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen
Year: 2022
Format: 210mmx280mm
Pages: 144
Typeface: Corpid Schoeck
Special features: Softcover with flaps, embossing and coated finish, inside pages in two different formats
See also: Schöck – Zeitsprünge; Schoeck – Verbinden & Trennen

Schöck Verbinden & Trennen

The Schöck company develops building components that are used in a wide variety of ways in architecture, technology that stands in the background. A central product from this range is presented and explained in this brochure, accompanied by architectural reference examples or voices on the product from architects.
The design is light, classy and simple and based on a generous use of typography and an elaborate mixture of materials used.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Building industry
Client: Schöck Bauteile
Title: Verbinden & Trennen
Publisher: Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen
Year: 2021
Format: 210x280mm
Pages: 20
Typeface: Corpid Schöck
Special features: Cover from grey cardboard with flaps, silk screen and embossing
See also: Schöck – Poesie & Technik; Schöck – Zeitsprünge


The Old Town Coast revives and blossoms! The interdisciplinary initiative „Altstadtküste“ (Old Town Coast) focuses on Hamburg’s historic old town centre, its special conditions and challenges as well as its hidden potentials with regard to a liveable, green and socially just city.
For the Altstadtküstenfest 2021, we developed a shimmering visual that is reminiscent of water and islands; surfaces overlap and are recombined for different media such as programme posters or programme flyers. In 2022, the colour in the visual grows out of itself. (In cooperation with Franziska Opel)

Media: CI, website, flyer, poster, stage banner, social media graphics
Category: Public and municipal
Client: Reallabor Altstadtküste
Title: Die Altstadtküste lebt auf / Die Altstadtküste blüht auf
Year: 2021 & 2022
Typeface: Engravers Gothic, HK Grotesk
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Atlas der Weite

Over a period of two years, a group of Hamburg architects and urban planners explored the topic „wideness“ in the city and collected places in Hamburg where one can experience wideness as a complementary element to urban density and the feeling of narrowness. The „Atlas der Weite“ collects these places and analyses them according to certain criteria.
It is conceived and designed as a loose collection of sheets in a linen-covered folder that can be expanded with new „Weite“ places at any time. The oversized A2 landscape format and the large-format photographs make the places experienceable and make the turning of the pages into a physical act. The atlas currently exists only once as a high-quality exhibition copy, but it is also available digitally. (Photography: Martin Kunze)

Medium: Folder
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Hamburgische Architektenkammer
Title: Atlas der Weite
Publisher: Hamburgische Architektenkammer
Year: 2020–2022
Format: 420x594mm
Pages: 52
Typeface: HK Grotesk
Special features: Customised linen-covered folder with embossing

ok, and now?

okay, and now?“ is a typographic monthly calendar for 2023. We asked authors, artists and scientists: ‚What positive trends do you observe?‘ The calendar features the submitted observations and comments. „okay, and now?“ is elaborately produced and printed in risography in several colours. It can be hung up or read by leafing through.
With text contributions by: aeiou, Anna Grath, Anna-Lena Wenzel, Anna Saave, Brave New Alps, David Hofmann, Elise Schobeß, Eva von Redecker, Franziska Opel, Golnar Kat Rahmani, Heike Bröckerhoff, Jakob Groothoff, Julia Meer, Nino Svireli, Samuel Treindl, Sharon Dodua Otoo, Simon Wahlers, Ulf Buermeyer, W3_Hamburg.

Medium: Calendar
Category: Personal
Title: ok, and now?
Year: 2023
Format: 210x295mm / 295x420mm
Pages: 28
Special features: Risography printing in 5 colours, collaborative work
See also: shop the calendar on slanted

The Artist Günter Wintgens approached us with a collection of his weight he is been writing down for years in a daily routine. He asked us to turn this collection into something tangible and making it experienceable to an audience. We designed the website on which the daily weight is shown. The background opacity and font-weight reflects the weight in relation to the last ten days. A constant weight results in a regular font with a white background. PS: Take a look into the console to find some more informations…

Medium: Website >
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Günter Wintgens
Year: 2022
Typeface: Switzer-Variable
Special features: variable font, dynamic backgorund, artwork, responsive,

Mukunda in Papakú

The artist’s book ‚Mukunda in Papakú – Land under the Sea‚ was designed in close cooperation with the artist Günter Wintgens and the author Susanne Koheil.
The large and narrow format is used on 80 pages with bright special colours and large typography to tell the children’s story of Mukunda. In addition, each book contains an individual original graphic.

Medium: Book
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Susanne Koheil & Günter Wintgens
Title: Mukunda in Papagú – Land unter dem Meer
Publisher: Susanne Koheil
Year: 2021
Format: 210x340mm
Pages: 80
Typeface: Sporting Grotesque & Caslon
Special features: Offset printing with six colours, screen printed cover, duotone book linen

Photos by Susanne Koheil

Demokratiefestival Spandau

„Dabei statt nur dafür“ means participating instead of just being there wich was the motto of the three-day democracy festival Spandau 2021. The design of all festival media is composed of a modular key visual: cut-out photo elements – hands gesticulating or mouths grimacing – are held together by a coloured dot grid. For the design of the individual media, the elements are repeatedly varied and recombined to create a lively, varied design.

Media: CI, various flyers, poster, t shirts, stage banner, wristband, social media graphics
Category: Public and municipal
Client: Partnerschaft für Demokratie Spandau
Title: Demokratiefestival Spandau 2021
Year: 2021
Typeface: HK Grotesk
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beautiful mind

Inspired by classic blue jazz aesthetics, we designed the Godemann Bauder Duo’s new album ‚beautiful mind‘ in bright blue to magenta tones. The loud design stands in wild contrast to the self-image: „Acoustic expansiveness, swinging straight-ahead passages, dreamlike moments and yes, even entertaining feel-good sounds are presented – always framed and interlocked by the spontaneity and improvisational responsiveness inherent in jazz.“

Medium: CD cover artwork
Category: Music
Client: Godemann Bauder Duo
Title: beautiful mind
Artist: Godemann Bauder Duo
Year: 2021
Typeface: Druk, Druk Wide
See also: Massoud Godemann Trio „Hope“

KLASS Sticker

Our KLASS sticker sheet gathers a total of 17 sticker motifs designed by us. The sheet is produced as a screen print with colour change from neon orange to neon pink. Each sticker sheet has a unique colour within the two print colours.
KLASS Oracle: For one of the stickers, we developed an Instagram filter so that it becomes an oracle that predicts our future.

Medium: Sticker sheet
Category: Personal
Title: KLASS sticker sheet
Year: 2022
Format: DIN A4
Pages: 1
Special features: two-colour screen printing, Instagram filter: „KLASS Oracle“

Brandhaus Wuppertal

The artist Samuel Treindl initiates the renovation of a burnt-down factory building in Wuppertal’s city centre to create new space for workshops, talks and temporary art projects. The Brandhaus Wuppertal becomes a place of social exchange for cultural workers, architects, artists and local residents. We were invited to the inauguration to print wooden panels with a screen printing workshop, which will become the future furniture of the Brandhaus.
We developed a strong visual identity in green, black and pink, the colours most commonly used at Samuels Art. The typical shape of the factory window becomes the logo and the grid around which the typography can wrap. A small detail: an open window in the middle of the logo to represent the open character of the fire house.

Media: CI, website, flyer
Category: Arts and culture
Year: 2021
See also: artist book PRODUKTIONSPROJEKTE

Kinderstadt Hamburg 2021

We developed a playful colorful visual identity for the first the Kinderstadt Hamburg. Using construction blocks as graphic elements, we developed a key visual of a city landscape. To enhance the topic of building, we added tools, nuts and bolts as additional elements of the Cvisual identity. In contrast to the bright multicolored blocks the CLAIM „wir bauen eine neue Stadt“ is in black and white, but still as fun.

Medium: CI, website, illustrations, flyer, signage, play money and more
Category: event
Client: Patriotische Gesellschaft
Year: 2021
Typeface: Poppins
See also: kinderstadt-hamburg