Hohlform & Abdruck

The artist’s catalog ‚Hohlform & Abdruck‚ was created on the occasion of the ‚Theatrum‘ exhibition by Anna Mieves at the gallery Wassermühle in Trittau. On 80 pages works from her oeuvre are shown as well as the objects of the Theatrum series, along with a text about her working methods and process images of her casts and molds.

Medium: Book
Category: Art
Client: Anna Mieves
Title: Hohlform & Abdruck
Publisher: Gudberg Nerger
Year: 2021
Format: 240x300mm
Pages: 80
Typeface: DTL Fleischmann
Special features: glossy dustcover, paperbag

Florian Heinisch

Inspired by the longing place „forest“ in German Romanticism we created a color scheme for the pianist Florian Heinisch… these colors become the background of the individual pages of the website. Always matching the crisp red font color.

Medium: Website > florianheinisch.com
Category: Arts and culture
Client: in medias PR & Management
Year: 2021
Content management system: WordPress
Typeface: Old Standart, News Gothic
Web development: Stadtkreation


AlltagForschungKunst is a Hamburg-based foundation that operates in this interplay of everyday life, research and art. The website presents the work and the funded projects. To create a connection to the existing logo, we designed a perspective website menu: The menu items are set from bold to light. Other special features are the sharp reduction of colour, the intense signal colour and the custom internal scroll bar.

Medium: Website > alltagforschungkunst.de
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Stiftung AlltagForschungKunst
Year: 2020
Content management system: WordPress
Typeface: Spartan
Web development: Stadtkreation

75 Jahre BDA Hamburg

In 2021, the Association of German Architects Hamburg (BDA Hamburg) celebrates its 75th anniversary. We have designed a booklet for this occasion. Printed with a single vibrant spot colour, Pantone Reflex Blue, the booklet shows the history of the past 75 years, accompanied by 75 statements by Hamburg architects.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Bund Deutscher Architekten Hamburg
Title: 75 Jahre Baukunst für Hamburg
Publisher: BDA Hamburg
Year: 2021
Format: 160x240mm
Pages: 72
Typeface: Frutiger
Special features: 1c pantone print, cover printed on colored paper

Anna Tolpeit

Her favorite color is the brightest yellow and her workplace is the human body. For the physiotherapist Anna Tolpeit we created a logo and based on this, designed various print media such as personalised business cards and a website.

Media: Logo deign, website, business cards, flyer
Category: Physiotherapist
Client: Anna Tolpeit, Physiotherapeutin
Year: 2020
Typeface: GT Walsheim / GT Super
See also: www.annatolpeit.it

Juliana Oliveira

Juliana Oliveira is a Portuguese freelance performer and theatre maker living in Hamburg. We designed a three-column website that reflects her three identities and the three different languages, English, German and Portuguese. Each language has its own typography. The simplicity of the website is accompanied by a warm colour gradient.

Medium: Website > julianaoliveira.de
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Juliana Oliveira
Year: 2020
Content management system: WordPress
Typeface: Inter, Inconsolata, Comprehension
Special features: responsive, portfolio


Inside and outside, in front and behind, refraction and reflection. The architecture magazine MAX.A deals with the material aluminium and its versatile applications in modern architecture. We designed a magazine concept for this purpose. Inspired by illustrations of aluminium profiles, we used outline lettering. The sections and page numbers become an especially strong, form-giving element within the design.

Medium: Magazine
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Euramax
Title: MAX.A – Metal Architecture
Publisher: AIT Verlag
Year: 2020
Format: 205x270mm
Pages: 54
Typeface: GT America, Caslon
Special features: lacquer finishing

48 exxperts

48 exxperts’ is a typographic-illustrative wall calendar for 2021. Each month four interesting female experts are presented. These women range from natural scientists to philosophers, astronauts or fighters. The elaborately produced calendar is perforated several times. Through the perforation the 4 motives on one page can be separated from each other and continue to exist as a single card.

Medium: Calendar
Category: Personal
Title: 48 exxperts
Year: 2021
Format: 235 x 335 mm
Pages: 13
Special features: Risography printing in 5 colours, collaborative work
See also: shop the calendar via slanted


KLASS for Kindness’ was the second edition of a print-on-demand campaign initiated by us for a limited period. The shirt sales went to the non-profit Hamburg street magazine ‘Hinz&Kuntz’, which is distributed by homeless people.

Medium: Clothing
Category: Personal
Title: KLASS for Kindness
Year: 2020

PK 3000

Loud and contrasting; what the four women of the Hamburg-based collective PK3000 wished their visual language to be. We developed a system consisting of two strong elements: a drawn stencil lettering together with two-dimensional colour gradients. The logo is used digitally as a stencil on the website and is also used as a classic stencil for screen prints.

Media: CI, website, business cards, letterhead
Category: Arts and culture
Client: PK3000
Year: 2020
See also: www.pk3000.de


KLASS for Future’ was the first edition of a print-on-demand campaign initiated by us for a limited period. The shirt is made of fair-trade organic cotton and the proceeds of the shirt sales went to a bee conservation project.

Medium: Clothing
Category: Personal
Title: KLASS for Future
Year: 2020

Dala prenotaziun ala vacanza

From booking to holiday – what do I have to consider? The booklet ‘Begriffe des Handwerks in der ladinischen Sprache’ helps Ladin gastronomy businesses to communicate with guests, clients and other companies. The booklet consists of two interlinked parts: a trilingual Glossary and a part with communication examples, such as menu cards or correct hotel signage. Both parts each have a cover. The formal contents of the booklet are communicated using lively and colourful graphic language.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Trade and craft
Client: Uniun Ladins Val Badia
Title: Dala prenotaziun ala vacanza
Author: / Editor: Ruth Videsott
Publisher: Uniun Ladins Val Badia
Year: 2019
Format: 210x297mm
Pages: 46
Typeface: News Gothic
Special features: 6-page folded cover, offset printing with two spot colours on coloured paper
See also: Issue 1

Dimensions Bildsprache

How can technical functions and processes be presented in unified, simplified graphics? Dimensions is a technology company that provides data apps and data services for different audiences like scientists, universities or companies. Based on the existing CI, we translated this versatile offer into infographics, icons and illustrations. The graphics explain functions on the website; an icon library provides graphic support for presentations and hand-outs. Derived from the logo, we designed matching header graphics for web and print.

Media: Digital design, icons and infographics
Category: Science and technology
Client: Digital Science & Research Solutions Inc.
Year: 2019
Special features: Icon library
See also: www.dimensions.ai


After we had already portrayed 53 women with our KLASS calendar 2019, we wanted to continue with it because there are so many more women who were important to us. The monthly calendar 2020 ‘&’ features 48 women who fascinated or inspired us. For this, we started a collaboration with female designers who contributed to the calendar.
Designed by KLASS & with extra contributions from: Janitha Banda & Dorit Birkner & Lana Bragin & Anamaria Fernandez & Johanna Flöter & Gesa Hansen & Annette Jacobs & Lisa Keiffer & Tina Kläring & Claudia Koch & Hedi Lusser & MarameoLab & Franziska Opel & Lisa Seitz & Bente Singelmann & Wondering Woman.

Medium: Calendar
Category: Personal
Title: &
Year: 2020
Format: 135x694mm (open format)
Pages: 56
Special features: Risography printing in 5 colours, collaborative work

W3 Webseite

For more than 40 years W3 – Workshop for International Culture and Politics – has been an independent place for encounters and diversity. In the course of a CI redesign we also designed the new website of the non-profit organisation. Here you can find a comprehensive overview of the projects and topics of W3 and of the events on a specific topic. Events can be booked via the calendar function.

Medium: Website > w3-hamburg
Category: Arts and culture
Client: W3 – Werkstatt für internationale Kultur und Politik
Year: 2019
Content management system: WordPress
Typeface: Frutiger
Web development: Stadtkreation
See also: CI for W3

ta bum!

The booklet ‘ta bum! Musical Impulses’ is a collection of compositions, games and stories for early musical education conceived by the music teacher Esther Videsott.
The design is very playful but also functional: the different formats of the pages, the illustrations and patterns, the ring binding and free spaces make the booklet a functional and creative tool for educators. The multilingualism is represented by different colours.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Education
Client: Ladin Pedagogical Institute
Title: ta bum! Musical impulses
Author: / Editor: Esther Videsott
Publisher: Ladin Pedagogical Institute
Year: 2019
Format: 210x297mm
Pages: 28
Typeface: GT Eesti
Special features: Ring binding

Bauforum 2019

The seventh ‘Internationales Bauforum’ took place in August 2019 at Deichtorhallen, Hamburg. 14 interdisciplinary teams were invited to develop models for a future approach to Hamburg’s main traffic arteries, the Magistralen. In cooperation with the urban planning agency urbanista, we developed the CI and graphic language for the event, which lasted several days. We designed all printed media including a magazine, detailed work booklets about each Magistrale for the teams, as well as exhibition boards.

Media: CI, signage, posters, booklets, magazine, exhibition design, various gadgets
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and the Environment
Title: Internationales Bauforum 2019 – Magistralen
Editor: Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and the Environment
Year: 2019
Typeface: Founders Grotesk, Founders Grotesk Mono


How to find a language for a restless form? The artist book ‘Produktionsprojekte’ was designed in intensive dialogue with the artist. It represents the artist’s works, but also his experimental working method through the page layout, the dynamic arrangement of the images and the repetitive use of typography. The catalogue also contains its own typo-/graphic interpretations of Samuel Treindl’s working method. Due to the elaborate printing and binding technique, the catalogue itself becomes a ‘production project’.

Medium: Book
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Samuel Treindl
Title: Produktionsprojekte
Author: Samuel Treindl
Publisher: Self-published
Year: 2019
Format: 235x304mm
Pages: 92
Typeface: Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk, Berthold Baskerville
Special features: Offset printing with five colours, screen printed cover, open binding
See also: Buchhandlung Walter König

Veddel Übersetzen

The week of events ‘Über-Setzen. Erkundungen auf der Veddel’ took place as part of the 9th Hamburg Summer of Architecture. Projects by HafenCity University students were presented around the old customs area on the Elbe island of Veddel, accompanied by thematic discovery tours on Veddel and the Elbe. For the design, we played typographically with words, syllables and lines that create a connection between format and meanings.

Media: CI, various flyers, social media graphics
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Association of German Architects Hamburg (BDA)
Title: Veddel Übersetzen
Publisher: Association of German Architects Hamburg (BDA)
Year: 2019
Typeface: Univers


How can we create a vibrant system that is flexible and cost-effective in reproduction? For the secondary school in Rosengarten near Hamburg, we developed a typeface consisting of clean geometric shapes and patterns. The Typography was expanded into a corporate identity with different elements in black and white that invite play.

Media: CI, font, logo, business cards, exercise books, flyers
Category: Education
Client: Rosengarten Oberschule
Title: ROGA
Year: since 2017
Typeface: GT Eesti