Atlas der Weite

Over a period of two years, a group of Hamburg architects and urban planners explored the topic „wideness“ in the city and collected places in Hamburg where one can experience wideness as a complementary element to urban density and the feeling of narrowness. The „Atlas der Weite“ collects these places and analyses them according to certain criteria.
It is conceived and designed as a loose collection of sheets in a linen-covered folder that can be expanded with new „Weite“ places at any time. The oversized A2 landscape format and the large-format photographs make the places experienceable and make the turning of the pages into a physical act. The atlas currently exists only once as a high-quality exhibition copy, but it is also available digitally. (Photography: Martin Kunze)

Medium: Folder
Category: Architecture and urban planning
Client: Hamburgische Architektenkammer
Title: Atlas der Weite
Publisher: Hamburgische Architektenkammer
Year: 2020–2022
Format: 420x594mm
Pages: 52
Typeface: HK Grotesk
Special features: Customised linen-covered folder with embossing