THIS IS A WARMING – 366 adjectives and 52 postcards for 2024

With our new calendar design 2024 will be full of adjectives, neon colours and loudly warming (or loudly warning?) designs. For the ninth edition of the KLASS calendar, we created a monthly calendar in which every single day of the year is accompanied by an adjective and each month consists of four postcards that are typo-graphically designed around these words. The printing was realised by the Hamburg printing company Reset St. Pauli (thank you for the great cooperation!).
Multi purpose >> for the wall to hang up or for the table to put up, to tear off and reuse, for neon fans and for postcard lovers.

Medium: Calendar
Category: Personal
Title: THIS IS A WARMING – 366 Adjektive für ein brutal hoffungsvolles 2024
Year: 2024
Format: 450x250mm / 100x150mm
Pages: 13 Pages, 52 motif cards
Special features: Offset print with 5 neon special colors & perforated pages