Spoken Dance

Spoken Dance is a research project on artistic audio description in contemporary dance. Audio description in dance is the verbal description of movements, bodies, situations and everything that happens on stage.

The website we designed for this purpose is technically and stylistically created for people with visual disabilities or impairments. The focus here is on optimal machine readability. As a special feature the colours of the website can be inverted, which can be an advantage for certain visual impairments.
The font used, Atkinson hyperlegible, was also created for visually impaired people: The letters and numbers can be easily recognised and distinguished from each other. The light pink background colour is a minimal colour accent in the otherwise absolutely user-optimised, typographic website.
(In cooperation with menschmaschine)

Medium: Website > spokendance.com
Category: Arts and culture
Clients: Carolin Jüngst, Ursina Tossi und Lisa Rykena
Year: 2022
Content management system: Kirby
Web development: menschmaschine
Typeface: Atkinson Hyperlegible
Special features: research project, audiodescription, accessible website