Schöck Verbinden & Trennen

The Schöck company develops building components that are used in a wide variety of ways in architecture, technology that stands in the background. A central product from this range is presented and explained in this brochure, accompanied by architectural reference examples or voices on the product from architects.
The design is light, classy and simple and based on a generous use of typography and an elaborate mixture of materials used.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Building industry
Client: Schöck Bauteile
Title: Verbinden & Trennen
Publisher: Gesellschaft für Knowhow-Transfer in Architektur und Bauwesen
Year: 2021
Format: 210x280mm
Pages: 20
Typeface: Corpid Schöck
Special features: Cover from grey cardboard with flaps, silk screen and embossing
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