Brandhaus Wuppertal

The artist Samuel Treindl initiates the renovation of a burned factory building located in the city center of Wuppertal to create new space for workshops, talks and temporary art projects. The Brandhaus Wuppertal becomes a place of social exchange for cultural workers, architects, artists and residents. We were invited to the inauguration to participate with a silkscreen workshop printing of wood panels to then become the future furniture of the Brandhaus.
We developed a strong visual Identity in green, black and pink, the colors most used in Samuels Art. The typical factory window shape becomes the Logo as well as a grid on which the typography can wrap itself around. A small detail: an open window in the center of the Logo to represent the open character of the Brandhaus.

Media: CI, website, flyer
Category: Arts and culture
Year: 2021
See also: the artist book PRODUKTIONSPROJEKTE