Dal Ordin ala Fatura

From order to invoice – what do I have to consider? The booklet ‘Begriffe des Handwerks in der ladinischen Sprache’ helps Ladin handicraft enterprises to communicate with clients and other companies. The booklet consists of two interlinked parts: a trilingual Glossary and a part with communication examples, such as invoices or cost estimates. Both parts each have a cover. The formal contents of the booklet are communicated using lively and colourful graphic language.

Medium: Booklet
Category: Trade and craft
Client: Uniun Ladins Val Badia
Title: Dal ordin ala fatura
Author: / Editor: Ruth Videsott
Publisher: Uniun Ladins Val Badia
Year: 2017
Format: 210x297mm
Pages: 34
Typeface: News Gothic
Special features: 6-page folded cover, offset printing with two spot colours on coloured paper
See also: Issue 2, buy a copy