Mukunda in Papakú

The artist’s book ‚Mukunda in Papakú – Land under the Sea‚ was designed in close cooperation with the artist Günter Wintgens and the author Susanne Koheil.
The large and narrow format is used on 80 pages with bright special colours and large typography to tell the children’s story of Mukunda. In addition, each book contains an individual original graphic.

Medium: Book
Category: Arts and culture
Client: Susanne Koheil & Günter Wintgens
Title: Mukunda in Papagú – Land unter dem Meer
Publisher: Susanne Koheil
Year: 2021
Format: 210x340mm
Pages: 80
Typeface: Sporting Grotesque & Caslon
Special features: Offset printing with six colours, screen printed cover, duotone book linen

Photos by Susanne Koheil