After we had already portrayed 53 women with our KLASS calendar 2019, we wanted to continue with it because there are so many more women who were important to us. The monthly calendar 2020 ‘&’ features 48 women who fascinated or inspired us. For this, we started a collaboration with female designers who contributed to the calendar.
Designed by KLASS & with extra contributions from: Janitha Banda & Dorit Birkner & Lana Bragin & Anamaria Fernandez & Johanna Flöter & Gesa Hansen & Annette Jacobs & Lisa Keiffer & Tina Kläring & Claudia Koch & Hedi Lusser & MarameoLab & Franziska Opel & Lisa Seitz & Bente Singelmann & Wondering Woman.

Medium: Calendar
Category: Personal
Title: &
Year: 2020
Format: 135x694mm (open format)
Pages: 56
Special features: Risography printing in 5 colours, collaborative work